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Hello, welcome to Knotty As Can Be! I'm Claire and I make knotted friendship bracelets and accessories, beaded bracelets, and dabble in other crafts as well. Everything posted here was handmade by me unless reblogged or otherwise noted. You can find my bracelets for sale on Etsy - custom orders are always welcome, too!

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I keep forgetting to post the ribbons I won at the fair, so here they are, finally! Got a 1st on my pouch, a 2nd on my macrame bracelet, and a 3rd on my beaded kumihimo!

Here’s the friendship bracelet I’m entering into the fair this year. This pattern turned out way better than I even expected! Hopefully this guy can win me some more ribbons!

Et voil√†! Here’s the finished pouch! Feels nice to have it done after starting it `~2 years ago, heh.

Entering these lovelies into my County fair today! Hopefully I can win some ribbons! I’ll also post some close ups of the finished pouch and the friendship bracelet later.

Finally gonna finish this pouch! (I mean, it totally hasn’t been nearly 2 years since I started it or anything…)


At last, a new pattern!

This fun dandelion bracelet is now available in my Etsy shop!

This lovely is headed for Hawaii! I love getting to color in new states on my map of where I’ve sent bracelets!

Hi! My name is also Claire, and I also love to make knotted bracelets like friendship bracelets and hemp/macrame bracelets!

High five for having an awesome name and hobby! 

All done with this monochromatic blue swirl! Get your own swirl bracelet in any color combo here!

Finished up this guy today! Get your own at!